LEED Planning & Project Management

LEED Planning & Project Management


Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design is the leading green building standard around the world. To maximize your opportunities for integrated, cost-effective project green design, as well as plan the best construction strategies while also emphasizing human comfort and well-being as the main fundamental criterion of building design, construction and operational strategies. Impact Energy Consulting will help you utilize innovative approaches and techniques for green design and construction. We will help you through the entire process to achieve LEED certification for your project in the most cost-effective and smooth way possible. 


LEED certification helps to identify how environmentally friendly and sustainable a building really is while taking into account metrics such as: 

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Efficiency
  • CO2 Emissions reductions
  • Indoor Environmental Quality

These areas as well as many more address sustainability issues that LEED scores. The total number of points a project receives determines the LEED certification rating levels, The levels are:

  • Certified 
  • Silver
  • Gold, and 
  • Platinum   


Here at Impact Energy Consulting, we offer one of the best LEED consulting services to your project teams and organizations to assist you throughout the design and construction processes.

There is a wide range of services offered for LEED Project Management:

  • Registration of client’s project with the USGBC
  • Establishing the LEED® On-Line Scorecard
  • Developing a Responsibilities Matrix for each credit
  • Developing LEED project management tools to streamline documentation efforts
  • Providing draft documents or templates for preparation of documentation
  • Researching/submitting Credit Interpretation Requests (CIRs)
  • Reviewing product and building material cut sheets for LEED® compliance
  • Reviewing all LEED® submittals and back-up documentation to ensure accuracy prior to submission of credits to the USGBC

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