Energy Retro-Commissioning


Retro-commissioning is the first stage in the building upgrade process. The staged approach accounts for the interactions among all the energy flows in a building and produces a systematic method for planning upgrades that increases energy savings. 

When the staged approach is adopted and performed sequentially, each stage includes changes that will affect the upgrades performed in subsequent stages, thus setting up the overall process for the greatest possible energy and cost savings. 




Retro-commissioning comes first because it provides an understanding of how closely the building comes to operating as intended. It also helps to identify improper equipment performance, what equipment or systems need to be replaced, opportunities for saving energy and money, as well as strategies for improving performance of the various building systems.


Commissioning is the process of ensuring that systems are designed, installed, functionally tested, and capable of being operated and maintained according to the owner’s operational needs. 

Retro-commissioning is a form of commissioning. Retro-commissioning is the same systematic process applied to existing buildings that have never been commissioned to ensure that their systems can be operated and maintained according to the owner’s needs. 

For buildings that have already been commissioned or retro-commissioned, it is recommended that the practices of retro-commissioning or ongoing commissioning be applied. 

Impact Energy Consulting can help you retro-commission or commission your buildings. 

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