Building Performance Institute (BPI) Testing

Using the latest techniques, a BPI Certified Energy Advisor will help you prioritize where you all your savings opportunities are. Many of our customers take a step-by-step approach to improving their home’s energy efficiency. Here’s where we help:

Benefits of BPI Energy Audit

  • Energy Audit/Energy Assessment
  • 30–50% Savings In Energy Costs
  • Higher Home Resale Value
  • A Quieter, More Comfortable Living Environment
  • Improved Air Quality For Better Health
  • Greater Home Durability With Low Maintenance
  • Increased Environmental Safety &  Energy Efficiency

Residential Energy Audit Process Overview:

Step 1: Audit customer contacts us, Impact Energy Consulting, to schedule an audit

Step 2: We perform the audit.

Step 3: We complete the Audit using in-field high-tech equipment as well as software tools to Tool, such as EnergyPro, Snugg Pro, or any other software tools to model your home and create a comprehensive report to provide to our customers.

Step 4: We provide you with a copy of the audit summary report and Customer, preferably within 24-hours of completing the audit but no later than 7 calendar days following the audit.

Step 5: We help explain all the technical concepts and the physics behind it in order to achieve the best comfort in your home, with much better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and lower energy bills.